Lomondside Caravans provided Service for Caravan Disposal* from caravan parks, and general public, caravan storage premises, Insurance Companies.  collection** or  drop service

Recycling of used parts for Caravans Motorhomes, Van Conversions Etc. throughout the UK. Our business is located in Balloch (Alexandria).


For enquires please Contact  by phone or email  


Terms and Conditions

  • *  Caravans being disposed off may be charged a minumim of £60.00

  • Depending on Year,And Condition of  Parts within the caravan Excluding the outer shell.


  • Caravans being disposed off which have  been stripped out (Empty Shell)

  • Will be charged minumum £150.00   AND  MUST BE BROUGHT IN TO US

  • **

  • Collection Charges

  • Caravans  requiring to be up lifted  will  have a milelage charge of £1.20 add to the disposal charge

  • All Caravans Requiring uplift must be roadworthy we will inspect the condition  of the said caravan

  • and if found not to be roadworthy  a minimum charge will be implied of £50.00


Phone:    07963 179694


Email :   Lomondside Caravan Breakers


We also sell Used parts for Caravans or Van conversions etc

Our Service engeneer was trained by NCC for Gas and Electrical Checks,Repairs  and Installs For Touring caravans And Motorhomes  please Visit our Service  Pages For more Information,

Part supplied and Fittted  Including Gas and Electrical Parts